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Suppressed Technology

  27 Nov 2017

Dr. Walter Russell: The Secret of Light & the Highly Efficient Optic Dynamo-Generator

Walter Bowman Russell (May 19, 1871 – May 19, 1963) left a legacy that centers around his unique Cosmogony, or concept of the universe, having spent many years writing about the nature of humankind's relationship to the Universal One.

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  19 Nov 2017

Exposing Youtube's Marketing Manipulations: Massive Increases in Fake Likes, Views & Subscribers Due to Excessive Hacking & Bots

Social media platforms are becoming increasingly more artificial. There are marketing manipulations occurring on a regular basis that impact the way certain channels and topics are perceived.

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  01 Nov 2017

The Terrible Truth About Facebook & It's Dangerous Technological Hazards

Many people see “Facebook” merely as a fun social network tool that allows them to conveniently share selfies and pictures of tasty meals online – not realizing that they are engaging in something causing extensive harm on a wide variety of levels.

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What you need to know about Tesla’s Antigravity technology: Creating the Perfect UFO

Tesla had a great interest in Flight, pace and specifically - antigravity. In this article we bring you everything you need to know about Tesla’s Antigravity technology.

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