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Suppressed Technology

Highest Ranking NSA Whistle-Blower Of All Time Addresses The UFO Question – See What He Had To Say

Just as Edward Snowden made huge headlines (and still is) all over the world, William Binney did the same in 2001 when he resigned from the National Security Agency (NSA) after 9/11 and blew the lid on an NSA mass surveillance program.

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  19 Apr 2017

Incredible Facial Reenactment Technology Can Manipulate Trump & Putin Videos In Real Time (VIDEO)

Imagine what this could be used for. The world of technology just got a little more interesting.

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See For Yourself: The Pentagon Spent $52.6 Billion Of Tax Payer Dollars On ‘Black’ Budget Programs. What Are They Hiding?

Many people on the planet have been and have become aware of the fact that multiple countries have piles upon piles of sensitive, classified, secret material on projects the human race knows nothing about.

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MIT Physicists Say They’ve Created An ‘Impossible’ New Form of Matter: Supersolids

Objects that take up space and have mass are considered matter, which means that everything around you is made up of matter, including yourself and the sandwich in your hand.

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Quantum Stealth – Scientists Unveil Invisible Cloak Technology

British Columbia based Hyperstealth Biotechnology has developed a technique called “Quantum Stealth,” which is a type of camouflage that bends light around the wearer of an object to create the illusion of invisibility.

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