How Memory Can Advance or Hinder Evolution - "Remember Good Experiences" By Paramahansa Yogananda

Our consciousness is enormously powerful and it goes whereever we choose to focus it. Once this is fully realized, it's easy to see how different thoughts can effect us and our world. And some of our strongest thoughts are memories of the past.

*Header Image Source: Yogananda Wisdom

*This is an excerpt from The Art of Developing Memory, A Lecture Given by Paramahansa Yogananda at the Self Realization Fellowship International Headquarters, Los Angeles, CA August 28, 1932.

"Remember Good Experiences"

By Paramahansa Yogananda


Memory was given to man to reproduce good. To abuse the power of memory is harmful. To think hatefully of another person because of some remembered injury he inflicted on you (or someone else) is a misuse of memory. However, to recall unhappy experiences in order to learn the lessons inherent in them is a proper use of memory, as then one may analyze his past behavior and avoid repeating in future the wrong acts that brought painful results.

One should not bring back any wrong thought and relive it; for then it will stay longer in the mind. Memory was given to us to keep alive only life's good experiences and lessons. Get rid of wrong past thoughts by avoiding recalling them. If they come to mind in spite of you, refuse to entertain them.

Let me repeat: to remember bad experiences and dwell upon them is an abuse of God's gift to us of memory. Rather one should vow:

"I shall use memory only to recall good thoughts and experiences. From this moment I banish from my mind all unpleasant memories. They belong to the mortal being. I am a child Spirit. I am going to hear, taste, touch, feel, and will everything that is good. I shall take only the good from my life's experiences and shall only preserve the good in my memory."

Banish forever the abuse of memory.

A person who feels good emotions, and thinks good thoughts, and sees only good in nature and people, will remember only good. Memory was given to practice the recollection of good things until one can fully remember the highest Good, God. Beholding goodness in everything, you will certainly find that one day the Invisible Power will shatter all the little windows of thoughts and sensations and feelings through which you have been seeing only glimpses of the divine harmony in creation; you will behold through an infinite opening the omnipresent Goodness, God.

Rouse the eternal flame of divine memory until they burn away your forgetfulness, and remember that you always have been, and are even now, one with the Lord.

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