The Truth About Nuclear Power & Why It's Time for A Free Energy Revolution

We are amidst a highly explosive situation and no one is talking about it. Nuclear fission is killing our planet and the ability for organic life to continue and thrive here for multiple generations.

Recently, both mainstream and alternative news ran numerous stories about a Uranium deal involving a scandal among an array of politicians. There was a lot of speculation about who exactly was involved and why.  Some wondered if the whole thing was just a front for something else; while others celebrated another “outing” which blamed the Clintons. Everyone sharing information about this deal, seemed to be hyper focused only on the people involved and when those who are believed to have committed great crimes are arrested and punished. No worries there – this Universe is precisely balanced and their lesson will come at whatever time that rebalancing needs to occur. They will get their due - as will we all; that is simply the way that creation operates.

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Death Metals

Besides, there are far more urgent issue at hand like the fact Uranium, an extremely deadly and radioactive metal is being mined and utilized extensively within the nuclear power and weapons industry. Do know what uranium really is? Or what plutonium is or any of the other killer metals of the higher octaves? Not many people do fully comprehend their natures because it requires the comprehension of other principles which have to do with life and death itself. Dr. Walter Russell, who was a master in both science and spirituality, understood exactly what they were and wrote about it in his book Atomic Suicide? which we will go into more deeply later in this article:

Our earth has had soil and atmosphere sufficient for simple forms of life, ever since it reached its seventy or eighty million mile mark from the sun. The radioactive metals made that possible. They belong underground just as dead animal bodies belong underground.
Radioactive metals are dead and dying bodies.
That is what is not yet known of them. There are twenty-two of them which  are  killer metals if we take  them  away  from  their  rock environment  underground  in  Nature  and  make  them  a  part of man’s environment above ground. Walter Russell, Atomic Suicide?

Original Russel Chart: The Nine Octaves

9 Stringed

The nine octaves of matter. This electric universe is a harp of nine wave strings. It produces matter by the vibration of its strings, exactly as a harp produces sounds. Different “substances” and different “sounds” are analogous. All matter consists of tonal vibrations. Matter is not substance.

*Image Source

Nuke Insanity

As of 2017 there are 50 nations who have signed the nuclear ban treaty. On the other side of the spectrum, there are also 9 countries throughout the world who have turned these dead and dying bodies into full blown arsenals. All together, these countries hold a total of 14,995 nukes - at least that is what the Nuclear Regulatory Commission(NRC) reports. That’s insane and demonstrates a high degree of ignorance. Unfortunately, ignorance is no excuse and we will still be held accountable for our actions. For those who survive the upcoming challenges intact, it will become quite clear that nuclear energy is the stupidest and most destructive crime we’ve committed on ourselves and the planet we rely on to live. It’s amazing that we have made it this far as there have been numerous close calls. It’s time to turn the tides. Our very life depends on it.

A broken arrow is the Pentagon’s phrase for a serious nuclear weapons  accident that could threaten the public. According to the Pentagon, there have been 33 broken arrows in the history of our nuclear program. That’s the official number but I feel very confident in saying, it’s a lot more than 33. This technology has constantly been on the verge of slipping out of our control. Eric Schlosser, Author of Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety

Where are the Nuclear Power Plants? All Around the World.

And what’s just as crazy is that we don’t need to even have to factor in nuclear weapons to understand that we have created a very potentially explosive situation for ourselves here and we’ve allowed this to happen just so we can power our homes, towns, and cities. The threat of a nuclear catastrophe is very real due to the nuclear power plants and the large quantities of impossible waste they leave for us to deal with. That’s right - just within the nuclear power industry on this planet, there is easily enough energy to blow up our entire solar system and beyond.  Here is what our situation in the United State looks like:



*Image Source

As for other parts of the world:

World Nuclear Power Plants in Operation

Reactors Under Construction Worldwide

World Nuclear Generation and Capacity

Top 10 Nuclear Generating Countries (2016)

Now that these nuclear power plants span our globe, the potential and ease for great disasters to occur has been multiplied greatly. But you won’t find much information about it on the internet. Unfortunately, the truth about the mining of these elements, and their deadly toxicity once they have been procured, has been intentionally suppressed and aggressively downplayed by many so-called experts. Energy is big business and nuclear power has become the godhead to many.

Licensing a nuclear power plant is in my view, licensing random premeditated murder. First of all, when you license a plant, you know what you're doing--so it's premeditated. You can't say, "I didn't know." Second, the evidence on radiation-producing cancer is beyond doubt... It is not a question any more: radiation produces cancer, and the evidence is good all the way down to the lowest doses. Dr. John Gofman, Nuclear Witness - Insider Speaks Out

Nuclear Plant Whistleblower Arnie Gundersen & the Three Mile Island Meltdown

Former nuclear power plant whistleblower, Arnie Gundersen, learned that this industry did not have our best interests in mind the hard way when he reported a concern he had over a containment issue while working as a nuclear engineer at the Three Mile Island site.  He was surprised by the strange response he received, and even more so when he was terminated shortly after. Since that time, he has been a strong advocate for renewable energy and played an important role in educating the community about the dangers of nuclear energy.

Today Arnie is still working to share the Truth. If you are aware of the true nature of nuclear fuel and you also have even an inkling of conscience awoken within, then it is very hard not speak up about this issue. There are some excellent resources on Arnie’s website, Fair Winds Energy Education.

Here’s a video of his keynote presentation on the 38th anniversary of the nuclear meltdown at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant.


38 Years & 5 Nuclear Meltdowns Later: The REAL Lessons from Three Mile Island (Video)

He fills in a lot of historical details that are useful to understanding how such a great crime as this has been committed.

In it, he discusses his time working for the nuclear industry and the moment he realized the industry was trying to cover up the truth. The precariousness of the situation was not something that was communicated to the public. Three Mile Island came very close to exploding and becoming another Chernobyl.

He also discusses new scientific findings about the disaster and why higher rates of radiation weren't recorded, then goes onto bust up the 3 myths of the Atomic Power Industry which are:

MYTH 1: Nuclear power is safe.

MYTH 2: No one has ever become ill or dies from nuclear power accidents.

MYTH 3: Nuclear power is the cheapest form of electricity.



In addition, he shares some alarming statistics about the cancer rates in the area closest to Three Mile Island. The evidence is obvious, yet continues to be denied and overlooked by so many – especially those that benefit directly from the industry.


And Arnie’s message is simple and true:

It’s time to end all nuclear power before it ends us.

Walter & Lao Russell’s Gift to Humanity: Atomic Suicide?

Thankfully, the truth about nuclear fission and metals mining  was illumined to Dr. Walter Russell nearly a century ago. The late Dr. Francis Trevelyan Miller of Historical Foundations, New York, wrote of Walter Russell's contributions to science as follows:

You have opened the door into the infinite. Science must enter. It may hesitate; it may engage incontroversy, but it cannot afford to ignore the principles you have established which eventually will revolutionize man's concept of himself, his world, his universe, and his human problems. You have done for us in this Twentieth Century what Ptolemy, Euclid, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler did for their earlier centuries. But you have further penetrated all physical barriers and extended your discoveries into definite forms of the infinite law which created our universe and keeps it in operation with mathematical precision through the millions of years.

The book Atomic Suicide? is a masterpiece like no other and the information contained within it, could very well be the savior of life of this planet. That may sound extreme to many, since most are unaware of the true power and nature of nuclear “fuel” and what exactly it is, as well as the burden and abuse the earth continually endures due to the massive amount of mining required which open large wounds in her upper crust. We finally have an exalted individual with enough awareness to coherently and most eloquently merge the great Truths of both science and spirituality together.  One of our greatest challenges and joys as humanity will be to apply these Truths to the best of our ability.

Walter Russell’s wife, Lao, was an extraordinary woman of great depth and not only fully supported her husbands work, but took an active role in it. Part of this included her writing the introduction to Atomic Suicide. Here is the first part of the introduction:

An Open Letter to a Fearing World Concerning our Authority for the New Scientific And Cosmic Knowledge Given Herein

By Lao Russell

Dear Reader,

A very heavy responsibility rests upon the shoulders and conscience of anyone who would dare write such a book as this at a time when the world is in dire need of what nuclear fission promises. We fully realize that fact, but over and above it lies the greater fact that loving service to one’s fellow man comes first, before all things else.

This universe is founded upon love. Man’s action must, therefore, be founded upon the principle of love. We have no motive for writing this book other than the motive of service to our fellow man. We have new knowledge which is purposeful in that building of an enduring civilization upon the present one that has been rapidly declining since the year of 1900 toward another long Dark Age period. During that fifty year period it has fallen farther than it had formerly risen in eight centuries.

The wars of the last forty years have been the main cause for developing nuclear fission. Our fuel need was not primary. It was secondary, yet the development of it continues with seeming full assurance that its admitted dangers can be voided. We know that they cannot be voided, and can tell our fellow man the cosmic reason that they cannot be voided, and can tell our fellow man the cosmic reason why their use, as now intended, would make of this earth a barren, oceanless rock for many thousands of years

That new knowledge was not given to us to keep. It was given to us to regive in service of our fellow man that we now give it, with the hope that it will not only defer man from his intended self-annihilation, but will also reverse the entire practice of human relations which is now heading mankind for another fall; and save him by thus giving him better way to fulfill his One World Ideal.

We also believe that the new knowledge concerning our universe, and man’s closer relation to God to seeks but will give him as he has ever suspected, will not take away the needed fuel he now dangerously seeks but will give him the better, and more abundant safe fuel, which Nature intended for him at this stage of his unfolding.

Our knowledge is divinely inspired and purposeful for this day and age. All epoch-making knowledge is divinely inspired into recognizing it’s fundamental truths, even though they may be a thousand years beyond this day’s thinking, and consequently, very contrary to it.

In love for our fellow man, and our beautiful earth, we present this solution of long hidden mysteries of the ages for your deep inner thinking in quiet meditation.

Many world leaders sincerely believe that nuclear fission can be safely used for industry, and that mankind can be protected from its admitted dangers. We believe however, that such use would destroy  all organic life on this planet for many centuries.

When you acquired this book a heavy question undoubtedly raised itself in your consciousness as to our authority for daring to write such a book, which questions the wisdom of atomic energy for world use, either for war or industry. The acquisition of it by you also indicates that you are a thinker who will read the contents with an open mind.

Within these pages lie the dynamic answer to “the riddle of the universe,” which we give to man the knowledge and power to control and matter and motion, and to solve the secret of life and death and growth and decay, for which man has sought but never found. As long as man depends upon the evidence of his senses for knowledge of cause of the effects – which are the limit of his vision – he will never solve these secrets. Up to this day in human history empirical knowledge, which means knowledge gained by sensed-observation, has been deemed the only reliable evidence of which to form conclusions. This assumption is a colossal error of judgements, for not one effect in nature is what it seems to be. Man will never find the answer to the secrets of the universe that way.

The time has come, however, when man must have the right answer, else all men will perish from this planet. This tremendous statement is not made lightly. My husband and I well know the ridicule which would result from our inability to support such seemingly fantastic claim in transcendent knowledge. We would not make such a claim, however, nor would we write this book now, except for man’s dire need in this most crucial day of his history-and every moment lost could be man’s last moment on earth.

As briefly as possible, I will give you our authority which will be proved step by step in every page of this book. We fully realize that our authority is in ourselves. You must, therefore, first know about us. That would be your first question, so I will first answer this for you.”

You can listen to the remaining parts of the introduction here. And you can learn more about Walter and Lao Russell in our article Dr. Walter Russell: The Secret of Light & the Optic Dynamo-Generator

Atomic Suicide? tells us what radioactivity is, why and how it kills, and what to do about it.

“Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt.” - The Second Epistle of Peter, Chapters 3-12

The mystery which we will clarify in this book is to tell how man can be master of life through knowledge, instead of letting death master him through ignorance.

Radiation is the normal death principle. Every thing in Nature dies normally by slowly radiating its heat. Radioactivity is the explosively quick death principle. Radioactivity is man's discovery of how the human race can die quickly, and not be able to propagate its kind for many long centuries. Walter Russell, Atomic Suicide?

The Fallacy of Nuclear Fission: Environmental Impact Outweighs So-called “Benefits”

This is why nuclear fission is vastly more destructive than many realize. Yet it has been falsely touted as a more natural and sustainable way to provide power as you can see in the below quote:

It would take 2 million grams of oil or 3 million grams of coal to equal the power contained in 1 gram of uranium fuel. Unlike oil and coal, nuclear fuel is recyclable and, in a breeder reactor, can actually produce more fuel than is used up! For these reasons, nuclear energy is by far the best means now available to power a modern industrial economy. (source)

While that may sound good on paper, it doesn’t mean that nuclear power is safer, better, cleaner, or greener than coal and oil. To the contrary – as destructive as coal and oil are, the impact of nuclear fuel is actually far worse. Consider the fact that special hazardous clothing must be worn to even approach this type of fuel. Nuclear power reaps more death on this planet than oil and coal combined. So the reality is much different than the above quote presents and the book Atomic Suicide proves that. We are ripping gigantic parts of the earth apart to mine these death metals which we are not at all equipped to deal with safely.

The real fallacy of nuclear fission for industry is that these so-called deadly poisonous gases from the radioactive elements in reactors, and in the waste products, which are encased in concrete and buried in the sea to protect human life from their admitted danger, are not poisons in their own environment underground, where they are serving a necessary purpose of helping to make it possible for organic life to live  upon this planet. Man makes them poisonous by removing them from their purposeful environment to place them in an abnormal environment unsuited to their normal environment.
The soil must have humus, nitrogen, carbonic gas, oxygen   and   water.   These   so-called   deadly   radioactive   poisons   are preparing the soil for oxygen dependent life  to  live  by  causing  countless  billions  of  microscopic  explosions  in  the rock  formations  underground  to  release water  and  other  necessities  for human  life  and  vegetation.  That  is  all  GOOD.  In  their  proper  place  in Nature they are fulfilling their necessary useful purposes. They are vitally necessary  where  they  are.  They  are  of  benefit  to  man  when  underground or distributed  in  rocks.
It  is  only  when  we  dig  them  out  from  under  the  ground and  condense  tons  of  harmless  rock  to  ounces  of  deadly  free  metal,  such  as  uranium piles, that we make the earth uninhabitable for man. Walter Russell, Atomic Suicide?

Keep in mind, as mentioned previously, that it takes the earth a very long time to get to the point where organic life is possible. And it’s a crime against every being on this planet to remove massive amounts of life-sustaining material from the upper crust to procure these uranium piles, especially while there are so many other viable renewable and free energy sources. Walter Russell goes on to explain why the elements need to stay where they are and breaks the mining process down as well. Everything in nature has a purpose:

It is good and healthful for you to sit upon a great granite boulder with the sun shining warmly upon you. All of its radiations are good, for they are in normal balance with the pulsation  frequencies  of  every  cell  in  your  body. 
Now  if  you  "bombard" that 100 ton boulder and take it all apart, you will obtain fourteen ounces of uranium and two pounds of thorium. If you then sit upon that you will soon  die  from  the  explosions  causedin  your  body  cells.  You  can  also procure other metals which will not hurt you from that boulder. You can obtain  1,000  pounds  of  titanium,  180  pounds  of  manganese,  70  pounds of chromium, 40 pounds of nickel, 10 pounds of tungsten, 5 tons of iron and  8  tons  of  aluminum.  The  reason  WHY  these  tons  of  metals  will  not hurt  you,  and  WHY  the  few  ounces  of  thorium  and  uranium  WILL  hurt you,  is  the  reason  why  it  is  now  necessary  to  know  the  relation  of  LIFE and  DEATH  of  organic  bodies,  to  the  elements  of  matter  of which  they are composed.” Walter Russell, Atomic Suicide?

So if it takes 100 tonnes of rock to procure only 14 ounces uranium, we should measure the efficiency rates in conjunction with the planetary impact of the mining process itself. So while 1 gram of nuclear fuel may be equal to 200 million grams of oil when that fuel is actually burned, it doesn’t factor in the 100 tonnes ripped from earth in these mining processes, or what she will have to endure due to the fact that her upper crust has been removed and transformed into extremely artificial and toxic material. It also doesn’t at all account for all the other natural, and free energy technology that exists, and that can and should take precedent here. And these dangerous and harmful mining operations must be brought to a conclusion as we transition to far wiser and more sustainable choices.

Unfortunately, These Are Our Current Policies Here in America:

“The federal government has never regulated conventional mining (i.e., underground and open pit) since exempting production of uranium ore from licensing in the Atomic Energy Act of 1961. Consequently, uranium extraction in the American West has left behind a tainted legacy of serious damage to the environment and human health. Many of the communities affected by uranium recovery have been disproportionately low-income or minority populations, representative of an all too common pattern of environmental and economic injustice with respect to resource extraction.” (source)




Many Communities Have Suffered Immensely Due To This (in particularly native-american ones)

From 1944 to 1986, nearly 30 million tons of uranium ore were extracted from Navajo lands under leases with the Navajo Nation. Many Navajo people worked the mines, often living and raising families in close proximity to the mines and mills. Today the mines are closed, but a legacy of uranium contamination remains, including over 500 abandoned uranium mines (AUMs) as well as homes and drinking water sources with elevated levels of radiation. Potential health effects include lung cancer from inhalation of radioactive particles, as well as bone cancer and impaired kidney function from exposure to radionuclides in drinking water. (source)

Heartbreaking Levels of Contamination on Navajo Lands:


*Image Source

Why Nuclear Fusion Should Not Be Pursued & Invested In: It’s Whole Premise Is Wrong

Controlled fusion has proven to be extremely difficult to produce in a practical and economical manner. Research into fusion reactors began in the 1940s, but as of 2017, no design has produced more fusion energy than the energy needed to initiate the reaction, meaning all existing designs have a negative energy balance. -Wikipedia

The reason why it will never work is because it’s based on the false belief that the sun is a huge nuclear furnace. In reality, the sun is electric as is our universe. The false dream of nuclear fusion may very well be yet another distraction and link to keep the population chained to a system that only benefits a few. It's also an extremely violent process that requires additional depletion of elements from ecosystems which are already in dire states. We will find much greater success and more enduring ways to do the same thing using nature-based technology.

The academic obsession with a “fuel”  for stars to “burn” is clearly an artifact of the energy baron’s  manipulation of academic theory, with the funding, peer selection and tenure processes under their influence or direct control. It profits them greatly for humans to blindly believe that in order to get energy to do our work, we must burn something, which they just happen to own and sell at great cost financially and to our environment as well.
Being that their current profits are astronomically higher than any time in recorded history, we see immediately how much they have to lose if mankind frees itself from their lies. Extending the burning concept from their dysfunctional machines to stars insures them that mankind will continue to believe that there is no other way to get our energy in great quantities, than by blowing up or burning their fuels. In the darkness of this false theory mankind will believe that even the stars must burn fuel and therefore, this is the very foundation of energy production in nature. However, this  is easily proven to be a lie. (source)

The True Nature of the Atom & Why Radioactivity Kills

The one amazing thing about all matter, which is not known today, is that all  matter wants to  explode,  it wants to  die.  To live, is  an  effort.  To  die  is effortless. Matter  is  not  held  together  from  within  by  the  attraction  of  gravity,  as generally supposed, it is compressed together by a force exerted from the outside toward its center. Life is hard to maintain, for that reason, and for the same reason it is easy to die because it wants to die. You must understand this fact if you wish to comprehend how radioactivity kills. It is against all modern  scientific  belief,  because  the  general  belief  is  that  a  material nucleus  holds  the  atom  together.
Nature does  not  work  that  way.  Atoms do  not  have nuclei.
Nature  creates  her  atoms  the  same  way  that  you  would compress  air  into  a  tire. It  is  hard  work.  You  pump  it  in  from  the  outside toward  its  middle.  Then  you  put  a  cap  on  it  to imprison it. If it  is  not sealed and imprisoned it would escape without effort by you. It does not need help to expand. It only needs help to be compressed. Radioactivity  is  making  it  harder  for  bodies  to  live  by  releasing  the tensions which makes them die. Multiplied expansion means helping matter to expand quickly, and that is what  radioactivity  is.  The  use  of  nuclear  fission,  therefore,  vastly  multiplies  the difficulty of living things to keep alive, by vastly aiding them to die.Walter Russell, Atomic Suicide?

What we need to do the Reverse our Present Path Toward Atomic Suicide

First, we need more people to really understand the serious dangers involved in nuclear fission and fuel production, as well as the current production and investment plans being undergone now – and then speak up about it. There are so many highly precarious situations in numerous plants that are totally preventable but that takes awareness and communication.

Here’s a bit of what is happening here in the United States. And may this encourage you to also do your own research:

•The USA is the world's largest producer of nuclear power, accounting for more than 30% of worldwide nuclear generation of electricity.

•The country's 99 nuclear reactors produced 805 billion kWh in 2016, almost 20% of total electrical output. There are two reactors under construction.

•Following a 30-year period in which few new reactors were built, it is expected that two more new units will come online soon after 2020, these resulting from 16 licence applications made since mid-2007 to build 24 new nuclear reactors.

•Government policy changes since the late 1990s have helped pave the way for significant growth in nuclear capacity.

•Some states have liberalized wholesale electricity markets, which makes the financing of capital-intensive power projects difficult, and coupled with lower gas prices since 2009, have put the economic viability of some existing reactors and proposed projects in doubt. (source)

The last thing this planet needs is another nuclear reactor and ceasing their use and construction, while at the same time supporting the vast array of free/renewable energy that are so available to those that look, can and should be the focus of true leaders and inventors who genuinely care about this planet and life in general. It is a challenge enough to deal with the massive amounts of waste already leaking from numerous plants. There is no safe way to hold these metals for extended periods of time. They will inevitably become as deadly as the core. These will be a major steps required if we are to reverse our current trajectory toward atomic suicide.

We need people on all fronts. Mining operations need to be halted as well as there is no real need to mine elements from the earth. It’s wholesale destruction that is completely unnecessary. It’s not only stealing large chunks of land from a large natural system that requires that chunk for it’s over all well-being, but leaving those lands contaminated for thousands of years. This impacts the earth’s regenerative capacity, and harms animal families and other critters who are displaced from their homes due to these mining operations.

This should inspire within us the greatest compassion, and help us to be more understanding should a wild animal come seeking food and shelter from an area of populated humans. We are responsible for caring for them since we destroyed their home. It takes the utmost love, courage, and strength to show gentleness and kindness in a world that encourages the opposite and with ecological destruction so rampant, animals need that more than ever now. Do not allow others to project their own fear, insecurities and weaknesses on to you. When you are on your deathbed, the time that you may have chosen to break a rule or do something that others may mistakenly view as “weak” in order to save or help a life will be where you find your greatest peace. True strength and happiness lies in following the will of the divine conscience in us all.

And one of the many awesome understandings one can gain from Walter Russell’s illuminations about the atom is that if atoms, and our very sun, is supported and supplied from the outer environment – not from the inside as mainstream science says, and that nature pushes this energy into atoms from the outside with the nuclei actually being the thinking mind or the still magnetic light of God, then harnessing energy freely from any point in space is simple and easy which is something that Walter Russell’s friend Nikola Tesla understood clearly:

Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need for coal, oil, and gas. Nikola Tesla

Unfortunately neither his nor Russell's work was taken seriously during their time so we have an incredible opportunity to see that it does now. And if Tesla was alive today, he would surely add nuclear power to the above quote. We have all the information we need to create and invent natural based energy devices such as Walter Russell has done with his generator below, so we need not wait for any authority to continue with this transition.

Here’s a bit about Walter Russell’s great invention, the Optic Dynamo Generator:

We have proven the validity of our concept by making a simple small scale working model which is now supplying all the heat, light and power needed for our four story 52 room University. Our reactor generates much more power than needed for whatever purpose intended, so enough of that surplus is taken off from its generator to motivate the reactor in perpetuity.
Nuclear reactors need whole buildings for operation while ours occupies no more space than a furnace or oil heating plant to house its reactor, its steam-turbine and its generator. The nuclear reactor must be prevented from harming humans by building great concrete walls around it, while ours is perfectly harmless and occupies so little space that the one which operates at our headquarters occupies hardly more than six cubic feet, has no moving parts, and weighs not more than four hundred pounds, exclusive of its small steam turbine and generator.
It is needless to say that such a simple, mobile, light and power producing machine would not only effect the whole world-economy, but would be the first step in bringing abundance of the necessities for human existence to every nation on the face of this earth."  Walter and Lao Russell (source)

Read Walter Russell's memo about the: Optic Dynamo Generator

Read Atomic Suicide here: AtomicSuicide_OpenSource_PDF

It's time for a Free-Energy Revolution. Read What Exactly is Free-Energy? Here


There is nothing but insanity and suicide in nuclear power. Either humankind is truly blind, delusional, mad, and sunk in a miasma of amnesia — or some other species is benefiting from these toxic irreversible technologies.
V. Susan Ferguson (source)   *Note from Editor: And that "other species" could also be called Artificial Intelligence - Nuclear Fission is an AI program.


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VIDEO #1: Formation of Suns Part 1 - Walter Russell Geometry

"This animation represents the generation or the process of INERTIA. It is the first step in the creation of our 'un'reality. We can not see the INERTIA, that is the cosmic desire that is winding up a sun. WR explains that God's creative Mind thinks as we think. So there is a polarisation in winding up a sun and this is an inward process we can not see, though it moves with the speed of Light. I brings into focus in the fulcrum of the sun the mental pictures of the elements that it wants to express. But that desire must be projected out in order to be manifested as matter. That manifestation is the second step (another animation will be presented), and that is what WR calls building up MOMENTUM. This is the force that will make things grow, or will drive up the speed of things,.... It builds bodies in the image of the Mind body. It is created again by polarisation, and foci at each side of a sun are created. The bigger the desire is, the farther away the foci will be extended from the fulcrum. Those foci bring into existence the two boundaries representing the limits of the desire. In case of a man that would be the 0-80 lifecycle, in case of a sun or carbon it will be the Li - F boundaries. Without a sun nothing is possible in our solar system. The sun needs to come first as the outward projection of the desire that is dividing its ideas farther and farther into the 'un'reality. This does not mean that all our energy comes from the sun! The energy does not begin in the sun, it ends in the sun. It is extended to the sun by cosmic desire and it will be extended through the sun to the other elements and will eventually return to the fulcrum."

VIDEO #2: Formation of Suns Part 2 - Walter Russell Geometry