Shedding Light on Secret Societies & Dualism: A Beginner's Introduction

You may have thought that secret societies were filled with groups of elites plotting to manipulate and control the world. Well, that's not completely true.

You may have thought that secret societies were filled with groups of elites plotting to manipulate and control the world. Well, that's not completely true.

Each society is like an in depth school of the culture the society is from. All of them are merely students being taught through one or another culture's perspective of reality. The secrets that each culture has to treasure, that explain everything about their perspective of this world and beyond.

The Two Schools of Secret Societies

There are two main schools of secret societies, they are known as the left hand path, and the right hand path.

The right hand path focuses on service to others. Some notable societies are The Freemasons, The Shriners, and The Knights of Malta. These societies in large do charity work and social benefits to raise funds for infrastructure and community projects.

The left hand path focuses on service to self and only worshiping your own becoming and empowerment. Control and discipline are their lessons. Some notable ones are The Church of Satan, The Order of Thelema, The Temple of Set, and The Order of Nine Angles (ONA). Each of these schools are unique, and cater to different types of self service. Some towards lustful fulfillment, to killing, or just knowing the mental atmosphere to better control your domain and control those around them.

As one goes through the ranks of a society - usually by accepting titles like neophyte, accolyte, chela, and 15 degree etc - you are given new secrets at each level.

And the story you're told changes at each level. With each new level comes a new insight that expands your horizon on what makes the world tick, and whose making it tick.

Right hand schools focus on mainly on the positive while left hand schools focus mostly on the negative. They are schooled in history lessons about the groups that founded the secret society, their ties to both good and bad deeds.  Both sides of the positive & negatively oriented societies have done good things and bad things in history. Some caused atrocities in the name of protection while producing others in retaliation. Lying or keeping secrets is still manipulation of free will. Killing is still killing and a part of every society is magic, ritual, and ceremony.

Let me just state that in numerous cases, magic ritual and ceremony are when the true connections are lost. These are tools to help  find themselves, but once one has found out who they really are, the need for the tools ceases.  They are the tool.

The right and the left hand societies have been enacting a huge play of good versus evil for eons. They have had their hands in many wars and disputes, and still to this day, there are ones who don't want this war between the secret societies to come out. They have exemplified how quickly love turns into hate.

The feud between the right and the left has gone on long enough, all the secrets are coming out. The right hand wants to help, but the left hand hinders at some points too. Just as the right is still feuding with the left - still delusional and lost in the illusion that they can end killing with more killing. This was a ploy the left planted when they infiltrated the right hand secret societies.

The Observant Society

There is one last society that is actually not secret. They are just very quiet , peaceful, and observant. They observe and use the mastery of both hands. They leave all things that hinder progress by the wayside. They look through eyes unbiased by hate or obsessive love and delusions. They master life to help themselves so they can thrive and help enrich all beings around them when in need of help. Whether its a comforting conversation, food, or any act of helping to make the planet a more peaceful harmonized experience for all. Any being deserves help if one is able to give it.

All is absolute.

Dualism is a phase of secrets and biased points of view that is a breeding ground for discontent. Your reality is unique and is in part created by what you believe. Learn to read between the lines and discern for yourself. Look from anothers point of view. Dualism ceases when we realize everything and everyone are just a mirror reflection of ourselves.

In summation, you now know of the two main schools. The right hand and the left hand. Service to others and service to self. Both sides have lost sight of true connection which we are all inherently bound through.. both have good qualities, both have bad qualities.

Search further yourself, keep your wits, your heart, and your intuition unyielding yet open. As the Maya would say In Lak'ech:

I am another you.


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