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Tag: "Electric Universe"

Science UNLEASHED: Omni Science - From Quantum Confusion to Conscious Clarity

Hallelujah, a new science has emerged! This is essential as our popular sciences of today may have begun with lofty ideas and theories, but today they are entrenched in many layers of limiting dogma.

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The Principles of Omni Science

The world is amidst great change and it is accelerating at a breathtaking pace. Timeless understandings are re-emerging now in the minds of many. It is truly a remarkable time to be alive!

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In this Electric Universe - Our Star is Rotating on a Helical Orbit While Spiraling Up and Down & Our Sun is Not a Nuclear Furnace

According to my understanding, all structures in the Universe, including the largest one, are magnetically ordered and centrally powered. The Milky Way follows this standard cosmic model.

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Sonoluminescence: When Sound Creates Light

Sonoluminescence is a fascinating force which few fully understand. Most physicists know that sonoluminescence is a process that creates light but they are still struggling to understand exactly what causes this.

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Tesla's Electrifying Discovery of Standing Waves(Free Energy) Was Also Illuminated to Walter Russell

It appears the Creator of this Electric Universe has a strong point to make - standing waves represent the electric potential that covers every speck of space. In other words, the creator's energy is ever present throughout creation.

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