The Air Car is Finally Here - Introducing Zero Pollution's AIRpod: These Cars Run On Air

Hallelujah...Free Energy has found it's way to the auto industry!

When I was in college, some classmates and I formed a student organization and became very active on campus. Our mission was to promote positive and sustainable social and environmental change. During our second year, we organized an Earth Day Alternative Energy Expo which was well attended and quite successful. We had vendors, booths, and speakers come from all around the world - one of these even included a full size geodesic dome which was completely awesome (think Buckminster Fuller!).

We had been all been doing a lot of research into energy and I had read all about a new car that could run on air, with no need for any additional fuel, and knew that it was entirely possible. Growing up with an enthusiastic engineer as a father can have that effect on you. My dad had actually invented similar energy devices and owned one of the first electrical cars ever - and it was a super cool blue convertible to top it off!

I learned that the Air Cars have 100 miles range and can be filled up at a gas station air compressor in 4 minutes, and they only cost $10,000. How come they are so inexpensive? Because they are made very cheaply and use titanium pistons, making the whole invention quite light. Free Energy frees us in more ways than one ;-)

We were fortunate to connect with the guys from the Air Car company, and they gladly accepted our invitation. We ended up with a life size air car display booth which was quite popular. Many people found it to be absolutely fascinating and we all looked forward to the day when it would actually be on market.

With the pressing need for free-energy resources, it has crossed my mind more than once recently so I decided to look into it, and lo and has just been released and Air Cars are now available to the public. They've just changed the name to AirPODS, which really fits as you can see. They are also using sustainable materials:


*Air Car Images Source

Since that time, they have extended the engine to a dual engine mode in order to extend the range from 75-100 miles to 249-280 miles. This means that there is a 1/2 litre petrol tank plus the air tank in these cars now. This is still a major win for free-energy as that is what the car predominantly runs on. 1/2 litre of petrol is so minute when compared to what regular gas guzzling cars use.

One of the major issues that many of these energy transitional companies face is us. Yes, you and I. And people in general, as well as investors, potential buyers, and our often picky opinions, misplaced feelings of entitlement and judgemental attitudes don't make it easy for these companies to get off the ground running.

The reason why a petrol tank was added had to do with marketing combined with the social system we currently have. It's a fast paced world - we have people to see and places to go and we want to get there as planned of course. And so 75 miles per fill would not be the most efficient for "our time schedule". Neither would the fact that the AIRpod maxes out at 50mph now.

The developers of AIRpod realized this, so they added a second petrol tank, in addition to the air tank, to give the car a boost so that WE would want to buy it.

Ultimately, our whole society will have to be transformed if we really want to have total free energy. And that transformation starts with each one of us. We are still so young in our evolution, and we have much spiritual and mental understandings we're still maturing into.

We have to do the personal work that frees us from the inside out; then these things will naturally fall into place.

Presently, there's a huge mental and physical health crisis on this planet so the more we all can act responsibly, eat healthily, exercise enthusiastically, discipline ourselves willfully, meditate effectively, and act with compassion, the better. (Here's an article about Scientific Meditation)

This is a promising and youthful technology with much room to grow and improve. It would help, if we were all willing to be more open, and much less petty, to what may at first seem like inconveniences, but are actually trails of light leading towards greater liberation.

Here's a recent 2018 update on the AIRpod from the Gazette Review:

Zero Pollution Motors Now in 2018 – The After Shark Tank Update

"The AIRPod is currently available for pre-order on the Zero Pollution Motors website. There are three different types available. The standard, which was shown on Shark Tank, seat 3-4 passengers.


They have a smaller version which seats 2, and a cargo version that I just love. It would be perfect for hauling around craft show materials. According to the site, they were sponsored by various celebrities such as Rocky Carroll of Chicago Hope fame. Apparently, a bunch of companies are interested in the tiny, eco-friendly cars. USPS and the NYC Taxi Service are the most notable.

It seems like comprehensive delivery service would be a good use for the cars. Since they can go 100 miles, and be easily and cheaply refilled, they would be a perfect choice for a mail carrier or pizza delivery driver. The taxi service is another excellent idea for Zero Pollution Motors. The congested streets of Manhattan might be less harrowing to drive on if it was filled with a bunch of AIRpods."

You can learn more & pre-order an AIRpod from Zero Pollution Motors on their site here:

How can compressed air fuel a car? The laws of physics dictate that uncontained gases will fill any given space. The easiest way to see this in action is to inflate a balloon. The elastic skin of the balloon holds the air tightly inside, but the moment you use a pin to create a hole in the balloon’s surface, the air expands outward with so much energy that the balloon explodes. Compressing a gas into a small space is a way to store energy. When the gas expands again, that energy is released to do work. This principleis the basis behind what makes an air car run.


*Article by Uphill Flow Wave Writer


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