The Fluoride Myth

Even if you're already aware that fluoride is in your drinking water and dental products, you might not realize that it’s not the naturally occurring variety. It's not even pharmaceutical grade.

In fact, it's a toxic industrial waste product also used as an ingredient in rat poison and fertilizer among other things.

The University of Cincinnati's Kettering Laboratory, funded largely by top fluoride emitters such as Alcoa, quickly dominated the fluoride safety research in order to continue to relieve themselves of massive amounts of highly toxic waste while making a large profit doing so. The added advantage of being able to keep the collective population “manageable”.

Ever-increasing numbers of us have begun to awaken to the many truths existing in numerous areas of our lives. People are also beginning to recognize there’s a bigger picture forming which ties much of it together… like a puzzle that’s slowly but surely reclaiming all its pieces. It’s no longer a secret that we’re consuming a great deal of toxins in our food, air and water… aluminum, lead. aspartame, MSG, and fluoride just to name a few. Numerous studies have in the past and currently continue to bring forward the effects these toxins are having on our overall health, especially our brains both short and long term.

Some History…

According to the history behind fluoride, the myth that it prevented cavities sprang out of the U.S. in 1939. During WWII, fluoride was added to the drinking water of the Russian and German prisoners of war camps as a chemical form of mind control in an effort to keep the prisoners docile and more easily managed. Fluoride remains one of the strongest, anti-psychotic substances known and is contained in twenty-five percent of the major pharmaceutical tranquilizers. It's also contaminated with lead, arsenic, radionucleotides, aluminum and other industrial toxins.

Evidence that industrial fluoride has been killing and crippling human beings and animals was evident since the 1930s with some reports going as far back as the 1850’s. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports airborne fluorides emitted from the companies that produce them have caused more worldwide damage to domestic animals than any other air pollutant. According to Dr. Edward Groth, Senior Scientist at the Consumer Union, between 1957 and 1968 “Fluoride was responsible for more damage claims against the industry than all other 20 nationally monitored air pollutants combined.”

The U.S. government and industry leaders soon realized that in order to keep these industries afloat, they would be faced with releasing millions of tons of toxic, fluoride waste into the environment. This would undoubtedly bring complaints and lawsuits on a massive scale. Because of this ALCOA, the chemical company which produces the largest amount of it, realized this would eventually become a problem that would threaten the iron and copper industries’ very existence. So in 1939, the first public proposal that the U.S. should fluoridate its water supplies was made not by a doctor or dentist but by Gerald J. Cox, an industry scientist from the Mellon Institute (of asbestos fame) working for none other than ALCOA as they were being threatened by fluoride damage claims.

The U.S. is one of only 8 developed countries worldwide that fluoridates over half it’s water supply which is notably ingested but also taken in through the skin during baths and showers as well as being used in cooking. China won’t allow fluoride waste from their fertilizer industry in their own water system because of its toxic effects, yet they continue to ship it to the U.S. for use. “Today almost 70% of the U.S. population drinks fluoridated water, including residents of forty-six of the nation’s largest cities.” reported Scientific American’s Dan Fagin, an award-winning environmental reporter and Director of New York University’s Science, Health and Environmental Program. Below is a link to all the countries worldwide which fluoridate their water:

Countries that Fluoridate Their Water

So Let’s Add It To The Public Drinking Water….

We Are Being Drugged Without Our Consent….

There’s a great deal of false information purposely put out there to convince people it’s not only safe but also good for them. It’s very important to think for ourselves. Sadly, it has been proven time and again with growing frequency that we can no longer afford to rely on government corporations to put the well-being of the public before their own self-interests.

In 1947 Oscar R. Ewing, a long time ALCOA lawyer, was appointed head of the Federal Security Agency, a position that placed him in charge of the Public Health Service (PHS). Over the next three years, 87 new American cities began fluoridating their water including the control city in a water fluoridation study in Michigan thus eliminating the most scientifically objective test on safety and benefit before it was ever completed.

The Rockefeller Foundation claimed in their own ALCOA-funded research through scientist Gerald J. Cox, to have found a 40-60% reduction in cavities when fluoride was added to the drinking water. Cox proposed that the "apparently worthless by-product" might reduce cavities in children. He fluoridated lab rats, concluded through sloppy, incomplete science that fluoride reduced cavities and declared flatly: "The case should be regarded as proved."

There have also been over 23 human studies and 100 animal studies linking fluoride to brain damage. Neurological developmental issues in children are particularly significant.
Harvard University conducted a study on the children’s I.Qs. in two different towns - one with fluoridated water and one without. The results showed 28% of the subjects studied who didn’t consume fluoride scored “bright, normal or higher I.Q.” while those who consumed this toxin regularly scored only 8%.

There are more than 100 published studies illustrating fluoride's harm to your brain. Also 25 published studies directly linked fluoride exposure to reduced IQs in children.

The National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR) conducted one of the largest public health studies at the time in 1986-87 on the oral health of over 39,000 U.S. school children from birth until the time of the actual testing. The results showed the reduction of tooth decay was barely evident. However, the incidences of fluorosis increased.

Fluorosis is a cosmetic condition that permanently affects the enamel of the teeth, causing white or dark spots or pits. It's caused by overexposure to fluoride during the first eight years of life, the time when most permanent teeth are being formed. Baby food also has fluoridated water purposely added to it as well when baby teeth are just beginning to form.

Before the widespread use of fluoride in dentistry, dental fluorosis was rarely found in western countries. Now a shocking 41% of adolescents in the US currently have dental fluorosis from overexposure to fluoride even though nearly one-third of the U.S. is NOT fluoridated. A direct quote from the CDC:

”In children younger than 8 years of age, combined fluoride exposure from all sources-water, food, toothpaste, mouth rinse, or other products-contributes to enamel fluorosis.”

Again in the early 1990s, the National Institute of Health (NIH) conducted yet another study. Over a period of 9 years, 700 children were routinely examined for dental and bone health. Again, the results showed no significant improvement in cavity prevention but a rise in fluorosis caused by the fluoride consumption.

The on-going evidence doesn’t support the use of fluoride for health of any kind. In fact, plenty of scientific evidence regarding dental health has been discovered showing that areas with less fluoride have less tooth decay.

In addition, Dr Phyllis Mullenix, well known as one of the world’s top neurotoxicologists in her field, was asked in 1995 by the Forsythe Dental Institute to perform an extensive study on 500 lab animals to assess the effects of ingesting fluoride. She utilized hi-tech computers which were totally subjective and found that fluoride tends to accumulate over time in parts of the brain and other soft tissues. There were profound changes which altered their behavior and often eventually their ability to reproduce as well. Animals who were pregnant while drinking fluorinated water produced offspring with ADHD symptoms while animals given fluoride after birth became lethargic, couch potatoes. She found no positive correlation.

She prudently published her work with the National Institute of Health at the same time she presented her findings to the Forsythe Institute where she was met with cold indifference after apparently not producing the result they’d hoped for. She eventually lost her job, had her computer and lab destroyed (through a “flooding accident”), had her lab animals killed and burned in an effort to erase all evidence and never received another grant.

Not a single process in our body requires fluoride and swallowing this toxin has been found to:

•damage the soft tissues of the brain, kidneys, and endocrine system
•cause dental fluorosis
•slow down brain function
•increase rates of cavities due to a weakening of the layers of the teeth
•increase cancers such as bone (particularly in young boys) and a rare form of liver cancer as well as intensify the growth of many existing cancers
•increase cancer deaths by 10% not even counting those who remained alive but were sick at the time.
•increase osteoporosis/ bone fractures…particularly in elderly men and menopausal women (Although bone density increased, so did the propensity for fractures.)
•increase hypothyroidism which slows down the metabolism
•accumulate in many of the soft tissues of the body including the pineal gland (which it calcifies), the hippocampus of the which alters behavior and other limbic areas
•decrease melatonin production, the hormone our body naturally produces to aid in balancing circadian rhythms and sleep as well as the production of other hormones

What Can We Do?…

Many dental professionals have not been told the truth and are unaware of these facts. Choose to say NO to fluoride supplements and fluoride treatments at the dentist office and buy fluoride-free toothpaste and mouthwash.This is your right. DO NOT buy “nursery water” which is made specifically for infants and has it purposely added. In 2010, the Journal of the American Dental Association published a study that once again found, contrary to what most people have been told: fluoride is actually bad for your teeth. The study showed increased fluorosis risk among infants who were fed infant formula reconstituted with fluoridated water, as well as for those using fluoridated toothpastes. Use water filtered through as high a quality filter system as possible and with nursing infants, breastfeed whenever possible. Nature keeps breast milk virtually fluoride-free. Many bottled water brands also typically contain fluoride, even though it's not stated on the label. Below is a link to bottled water brands which DO NOT contain fluoride:

Water Bottle Companies Without Fluoride

When it comes to oral hygiene, common sense and historical proof show that brushing our teeth regularly and eliminating or at least cutting way down on sugar and processed foods is an important preventative measure. Studies have been done in indigenous tribal societies who ate very clean diets and despite having no access to dental care, lived virtually cavity-free. By far, the best solution is to stop the archaic practice of water fluoridation at the source and become a fluoride-free activist. However, this does not mean showing up to your local municipal meetings and lecturing them about the dangers of fluoride. That approach rarely works.

The Fluoride Action Network (F.A.N.), an international coalition to end water fluoridation and alert people to fluoride's environmental and health risks, is making strides city by city in fighting this. Please visit their website and lend your support. We have a right to choose what we put into our own bodies:

Major Progress at Eliminating Fluoride in Water Supplies by Fluoride Action Network 

Handout/ 10 Reasons why Fluoride is bad for you ⇒

*By Georgia Cammann