The Principles of Omni Science

The world is amidst great change and it is accelerating at a breathtaking pace. Timeless understandings are re-emerging now in the minds of many. It is truly a remarkable time to be alive!



As this occurs and we evolve, so must the springboards in which we gain our understandings to create and invent from. It's immensely important to ensure that this change is geared in a positive direction and that it contains the elements necessary to create the world we want - one where technology is used to help not harm. In other words, we need to create the proper scientific foundation in which free-energy can be understood and utilized to it's full potential.

This is the reason for Omni Science - the science of infinite awareness, understanding, and insight. Omni Science is not based on Einstein's theories as most modern science is; it is based on the natural free-energy principles that were used by Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell, and Viktor Schauberger.

The Principles of Omni Science are simple and easy to understand:

God is Equilibrium

Equilibrium is Eternal Law

Balance is Universal Law

From Balance is Polarity

From Polarity is Space

From Space is Form

From Form is Wave

From Wave is Motion

From Motion is Energy

From Energy is Mass

From Mass is Matter

All Matter is Wave

All Wave is Spiral

All Spiral is Centripetal or Centrifugal

All is Light

Light is Omnipresent

Energy is Stationary (Standing Waves/Fulcrum/Vacuum)

Energy is Omnipresent

Eternal Light of Stillness is Cause

Electric Light of Motion is Effect

This is an Electric Universe

Electricity is the One Force

Electricity is Centered by Gravity

Gravity is Stillness

Stillness is the Cause of All Motion

Stillness and God are One

Water is Essential for Life

Water is Alive

Life is Universal

All is One

Omni Scientists Work in Harmony with Both Creator & Creation


This is imperative for the health of this planet and every single being inhabited here and when it comes to nuclear power, beyond as well! The following quotes reflect the ethical understandings of Omni Scientists:

"I must furnish those, who would protect or save life, with an energy source, which produces energy so cheaply that nuclear fission will not only be uneconomical, but ridiculous. This is the task I have set myself in what little life I have left." ॐ Viktor Shauberger ॐ
The majority believes that everything hard to comprehend must be very profound. This is incorrect. What is hard to understand is what is immature, unclear and often false. The highest wisdom is simple and passes through the brain directly into the heart. ॐ Viktor Shauberger ॐ
Many volumes could be written about Nikola Tesla. He was indeed a great electrical genius; a man working knowingly with God. Many times he said to me, "Without my knowledge of God in me I could do nothing. With knowledge of God in me, I can do everything." His philosophy and mine were one. He had no limitations whatsoever. Anything he desired, he would do, knowing that he could do it.ॐ Walter Russell ॐ
Every successful man or great genius has three particular qualities in common. The most conspicuous of these is that they all produce a prodigious amount of work. The second is that they never know fatigue. And the third is that their minds grow more brilliant as they grow older, instead of less brilliant. Great men's lives begin at forty, where the mediocre man's life ends. The genius remains an ever-flowing fountain of creative achievement until the very last breath he draws.ॐ Walter Russell ॐ
“What we now want is closer contact and better understanding between individuals and communities all over the earth, and the elimination of egoism and pride which is always prone to plunge the world into primeval barbarism and strife... Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment...”ॐ Nikola Tesla ॐ
“It is hard to give unlimited energy to limited minds.”ॐ Nikola Tesla ॐ

The Myth of "Quantum Entanglement" & Light "Speed & Travel"

​Free-energy requires freeing minds and Omni Science, as well as other vortex sciences based on the true nature of this Electric Universe, provide liberating tools of consciousness for both. We start to understand things on a whole new level. And we see that what we have been believing to be some sort of mysterious "quantum entanglement", is really more about the fact that anything that happens anywhere, happens everywhere - and accessing various points can be done by tuning frequencies just like tuning a radio. This is simply the nature of this Electric Universe, which is a motion picture cast on the screen of space by the Cosmic Director's (creator, God, source etc.) projector beam that creates the illusion of separateness and casts creation into many forms from one still point. That one still point can be accessed, and from that one still point, unlimited possibilities exist.

So it is not about "entanglement" as quantum physicists purports - it is about Oneness and the mere definition of entanglement implies that there are 2 which are separated but "entangled". However, separation from Oneness is just an illusion making concepts such as "quantum entanglement" and "spooky action at a distance" null.

Electric potential does not separate particles; it simply causes divisions, and those are all divisions of the one Great Oneness.

This should also clear up the myths about "black holes" existing. Just because an artificially intelligent (AI) Quantum computer simulation shows that "black holes" exist, does not mean they really do. However, electric-potential/stillness/God's mind/creator/source can be accessed from any one point in space and this we can prove through our own direct experience without the need for any artificial intelligence. Also, consider the fact that what is on the inside is a reflection of what is on the outside and vice versa - "as so above, so below". People can believe that we have "black holes" inside ourselves, but it's a not a healthy thought to hang onto or a true one.

*Below Image: Our sensing is tricked into perceiving a ‘hole’ where there is only curvature (source)

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"Black holes were supposed to be locations of intense gravitation, light could not escape. But then it was found that black holes should in ‘theory’ radiate and thus cool down. No worries, let’s think up a scheme whereby, some radiation does indeed escape, sure why not call it ‘Hawking radiation’ and let Main Stream Science accept this new theory as fact!!!
Perhaps if Hawking (Stephen Hawking) had considered the ‘singularity’ in term of the Cosmic Anode as described by Walter Russell then he might have been a more productive researcher." (source)

Another important aspect of this Electric Universe is that light does not have a set speed as we've been led to believe; nor does it travel. As you can see in the below video, light is reproduced wave field to wave field. So-called  "Quantum entanglement" is actually just directed reproduction from one wave field to another.


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