The Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries

This ancient text is incredibly rich in knowledge and detail and includes 382 pages of original writing.

A Comprehensive Account of Upwards of One Hundred and Sixty Secret Organisations-Religious, Political, and Social-from the most Remote Ages Down to the Present Time

Embracing the Mysteries of Ancient India, China, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Greece, and Scandinavia, the Cabbalists, Early Christians, Heretics, Assassins, Thugs, Templars, the Vehm and Inquisition, Mystics, Rosicrucians, Illuminati, Freemasons, Skopzi, Camorristi, Carbonari, Nihilists, Fenians, French, Spanish, and other Mysterious Sects.

"SECRET SOCIETIES FREEMASONRY I THE LEGEND OF THE TEMPLE 383. Ancestry of Hiram Abi -Solomon having determined on the erection of the temple, collected artificers, divided them into companies, and put them under the command of Adoniramor Hiram Abiff, the architect sent to him by his friend and'ally Hiram, king of Tyre. According to mythical tradition, the ancestry of the builders of the mystical temple was as follows:

One of the Elohim, or primitive genii, married Eve and had a son called Cain; whilst Jehovah or Adonai, another of the Elohim, created Adam and united him with Eve to bring forth the family of Abel, to, whom were subjected the sons of Cain, as a punishment for the transgression of Eve. Cain, though industriously cultivating the soil, yet derived little produce from it, whilst Abel -leisurely tended his flocks. Adonai rejected the gifts and :sacrifices of Cain, and stirred up strife between the sons of the Elohim, generated out of fire, and the sons formed out of - the earth only. Cain killed Abel, and Adonai, pursuing his sons, subjected to the sons of Abel the noble family that invented the arts and diffused science.' Enoch, a son, of Cain, taught men to hew stones, construct edifices, and form civil ,societies. Irad and Mehujael, his son and grandson, set boundaries to the waters and fashioned cedars into beams. Methusael, another of his descendants, invented the sacred characters, the books of Tau and the symbolic T, by which the workers descended from the genii of fire recognized each other.

Lamech, whose prophecies are inexplicable to the profane, was the father of Jabal, who first taught men how to dress camels' skins; of Jubal, who discovered the harp; of Naamah, who discovered the arts of spinning and weaving; of Tubal-Cain, who first constructed a furnace, worked in metals, and dug subterranean caves in the mountains to save his race during the Deluge; but it perished nevertheless, and only Tubal-Cain and his son, the sole survivors of the glorious and gigantic family, came out alive. The wife of Ham, second son of Noah, thought the son of Tubal-Cain handsomer than the sons of men, and he became progenitor of Nimrod, who taught his brethren the art of hunting, and founded Babylon. Adoniram, the descendant of TubalCain, seemed called by God to lead the militia of the free men, connecting the sons of fire with the sons of thought, progress, and truth."  (source)


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*Written by Charles William Heckathorn