While Nikola Tesla Was Busy Building His "Peace Beam", Albert Einstein Was Writing a Fearful Letter to Roosevelt Urging Him to Accelerate Nuclear Bombs Production (World World II)

Einstein was a great person. He was indeed a very smart man, but he was certainly no genius. His associate Nikola Tesla surely was and Einstein knew this.

When he was asked once how it felt to be the smartest man in the world, he replied:

I don't know. You'll have to ask Nikola Tesla.

No real genius in their right mind would ever support or push for nuclear energy. Had people during that time really heeded Einstein's advice about asking Nikola Tesla, he surely would have offered much greater comprehension on any subject and our world would be vastly different today. We'd have free-energy, a far healthier environment, and a much brighter history to share with our children.

The following letter was written during war time and Americans were given 2 choices. First was the nuclear bomb of Albert Einstein and the second was what came to be known as the Tesla Cannon of Nikola Tesla - both of these weapons are very powerful and destructive. However, while the nuclear bomb is completely destructive and toxic, the Tesla Cannon is a beam that can be aimed and targeted at specific armies; which means minimizing civilian harm. Nikola Tesla does not want to kill innocent people and he referred to his 'weapon' as a "peace beam".

Telsa inherited from his father a deep hatred for war. By 1937, it was clear that war would soon break out in Europe. Frustrated in his attempts to generate interest and financing for his "peace beam", he sent an elaborate technical paper, including diagrams, to a number of Allied Nations including the United States, England, France, and the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia. Titled "New Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-Dispersive Energy Through Natural Media," the paper provided the first technical description of what is today called a charged particle weapon.
What set Tesla's proposal apart from the usual run of the fantasy "death rays" was a unique vacuum chamber with one end open to atmosphere. Tesla devised a unique vacuum seal by directing a high velocity air stream at the tip of his gun to maintain "high vacua". The necessary pumping action would be accomplished with a large Tesla turbine. (source)

Unfortunately he did not have the time or support needed to see this through. America was ready to take action and they chose the nuclear bomb as urged by Albert Einstein.

People have a tendency to see scientists as some sort of Gods. By sharing the following letter, it will become clear that many of them are human and subject to fearful fight or flight reactions and this was the case for Einstein. Any of you reading this may actually have a clearer understanding of the way things work than many professional experts. A majority of text book science is just a variety of myths, and myths that really are not even that coherent. It's insane how many truly good and highly educated people truly believe nuclear power to be a positive answer for anything. Hopefully, these wonderful and well-intended souls will cross paths with information such as this. Nuclear power is immensely destructive and not at all sustainable, and that's putting it lightly. If you have not yet read our article about this, I highly recommend it:

The Truth About Nuclear Power and Why It's Time for a Free-Energy Revolution

Unfortunately, the science of Einstein was still continually pushed forth and it's pretty obvious to see that the results have not been positive. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have left some of the darkest scars on this planet.


Einstein's Letter to FDR

Albert Einstein
Old Grove Road
Peconic, Long Island
August 2nd, 1939

F.D. Roosevelt
President of the United States
White House
Washington, D.C.


Some recent work by E. Fermi and L. Szilard, which has been communicated to me in manuscript, leads me to expect that the element uranium may be turned into a new and important source of energy in the immediate future. Certain aspects of the situation which has arisen seem to call for watchfulness and if necessary, quick action on the part of the Administration. I believe therefore that it is my duty to bring to your attention the following facts and recommendations.

In the course of the last four months it has been made probable through the work of Joliot in France as well as Fermi and Szilard in America--that it may be possible to set up a nuclear chain reaction in a large mass of uranium, by which vast amounts of power and large quantities of new radium-like elements would be generated. Now it appears almost certain that this could be achieved in the immediate future.

This new phenomenon would also lead to the construction of bombs, and it is conceivable--though much less certain--that extremely powerful bombs of this type may thus be constructed. A single bomb of this type, carried by boat and exploded in a port, might very well destroy the whole port together with some of the surrounding territory. However, such bombs might very well prove too heavy for transportation by air.

The United States has only very poor ores of uranium in moderate quantities. There is some good ore in Canada and former Czechoslovakia, while the most important source of uranium is in the Belgian Congo.

In view of this situation you may think it desirable to have some permanent contact maintained between the Administration and the group of physicists working on chain reactions in America. One possible way of achieving this might be for you to entrust the task with a person who has your confidence and who could perhaps serve in an unofficial capacity. His task might comprise the following:

a) to approach Government Departments, keep them informed of the further development, and put forward recommendations for Government action, giving particular attention to the problem of securing a supply of uranium ore for the United States.

b) to speed up the experimental work, which is at present being carried on within the limits of the budgets of University laboratories, by providing funds, if such funds be required, through his contacts with private persons who are willing to make contributions for this cause, and perhaps also by obtaining co-operation of industrial laboratories which have necessary equipment.

I understand that Germany has actually stopped the sale of uranium from the Czechoslovakian mines which she has taken over. That she should have taken such early action might perhaps be understood on the ground that the son of the German Under-Secretary of State, von Weizsacker, is attached to the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute in Berlin, where some of the American work on uranium is now being repeated.

Yours very truly,

Albert Einsein