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  15 Jun 2018

Fireman's 'Energy Energy' Prophecy Predicts the End of Energy Corruption & More

While many so-called prophecies have never born their fruit, there are enough that in fact do occur as prophecised to give good cause for a reasonable amount of consideration.

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  12 Jun 2018

Interview With Gary McKinnon: The Hacker Who Exposed NASA's Secret UFO Files

IT expert and hacker Gary McKinnon in an interview with RichPlanet TV claims that he came across information relating to UFOs and extraterrestrial life during his infamous foray into NASA’s computer system.

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  07 Jun 2018

The Truth About Nuclear Power & Why It's Time for A Free Energy Revolution

We are amidst a highly explosive situation and no one is talking about it. Nuclear fission is killing our planet and the ability for organic life to continue and thrive here for multiple generations.

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  22 May 2018

The Conscious Collective Creating Healthy and Organic Change & 33 Of Their Stunning Outdoor Images and Quotes To Inspire Us All Onto Greater Adventures

Below, you will find 33 incredibly awesome quotes and images that will inspire you to adventure beyond the world of technology and the internet and get outside to enjoy the great outdoors! Why is this so especially important in this day?

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  10 May 2018

Ex VP of Citibank & Former GM of Citicorp Now Advocates For Animals & Veganism - Find Out Why in This Powerful & Life Changing Speech He Recently Delivered

Philip Wollen is an Australian philanthropist. He is a former Vice-President of Citibank and was also General Manager at Citicorp. Wollen became a vegan following his departure from Citibank and is a prominent member of the animal rights movement.

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