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  07 May 2018

Advanced Technology Insider Emery Smith Has Created Inventions that Can Heal the Planet

This prolific insider is also a skilled inventor who has developed a significant number of free-energy devices. As you can imagine, that did not go over too well with those who prefer a muted status quo. And Emery has faced numerous challenges.

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  25 Apr 2018

Inspiring Excerpts from The Essene Gospel of Peace: "And the children of light shall have dominion"

This gospel truly represents the real teachings of Jesus. And had these beautiful writings been included in the bible, we surely would live in a much different world. They were not discovered until 1923 in some documents at the Vatican.

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  18 Apr 2018

Artist Challenges Newtonian Theory: Walter Russell & The New York Times 1930 - He Was Critisized & Suppressed in the Same Way his Friend Nikola Tesla Was

The struggle to evolve science is real and this same debate is still happening today. What follows is an an array of articles, letters and responses posted in response to Walter Russell's cosmogeny and put together by

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  17 Apr 2018

In this Electric Universe - Our Star is Rotating on a Helical Orbit While Spiraling Up and Down & Our Sun is Not a Nuclear Furnace

According to my understanding, all structures in the Universe, including the largest one, are magnetically ordered and centrally powered. The Milky Way follows this standard cosmic model.

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  13 Apr 2018

Sonoluminescence: When Sound Creates Light

Sonoluminescence is a fascinating force which few fully understand. Most physicists know that sonoluminescence is a process that creates light but they are still struggling to understand exactly what causes this.

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